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Solo Performance Improvisation with Movement and Voice
with Andrew Morrish

Sa/ So (Sat/ Sun) 3. – 4. Februar/y 2018
11 – 17 Uhr ( 11-5 pm)

Ort/ Location: Dock11, Studio2
Teilnahmegebühr/ Fee: 120 €/ 105 €*
*Frühbucher und Bezahlung bis 10. Januar 2018 / *Early booking and full payment until January 10, 2018
Anmeldung/ Registration: ws@berlinartsunited.com

Andrew uses a skills approach to improvisation. In this workshop there is daily practice of:
– skills development
– performance opportunities
– feedback
When combined, these form a reflective practice that Andrew believes is essential in the development of performance improvisation, while leaving huge amounts of space for the development of personal style. The workshop encourages participants to develop the skills of generation and shaping content whilst working between vocal and physical modes. This work is further fuelled by the communication and sharing pleasure.
Participants should come expecting to enjoy themselves!

Andrew Morrish  is a freelance performer and teacher of improvisation working between Australia and Europe. From 1981-1987 he was a member of Al Wunder’s “Theatre of the Ordinary”, from1987 to 1999 in “Trotman and Morrish” and has focused on solo work since 2000. In 2016 he was awarded the Australia Council for the Arts, Dance Fellowship.

In 2017 he taught and performed in Australia (Orbost, Daylesford, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart), Poland (Poznan), Germany (Berlin), Finland (Helsinki) and France (Paris).

Workshop Andrew Morrish 2018