Offenes Studio  – MusikTanzNullDreißig

Manuela Tessi (dance), Friederike Motzkau (flutes)

©MT030 Open Studio, Photo credit: Mark-r

In this Open Studio, Manuela and Friederike will show their way of working on improvisation as they do in their „MusikTanzNullDreißig- Practice Sessions“. The main focus is presence and perception.

Friederike and Manuela practice improvisation for performance. They believe that the common ground for instant composition is a constant listening and openness to the whole space, a clarity of intention, yet the willingness to change one’s path in the moment as the performance is in constant evolution.

They consider musicians and dancers as part of the same „band“, in which they all „play“. All contributions, that are being made into space and time are treated equally and need to be noticed by the other performers. The key in this research is “keeping eyes and ears open”.

Friederike and Manuela met in the improvising scene of Amsterdam, working with Katie Duck. They created MusikTanzNullDreißig in October 2014, to provide a dedicated space within the vivid and creative scenes of Berlin, where dance and music can mutually contaminate and inspire each other. This initiative presents a monthly performance and practice sessions, in which they opened the research and the discussion on the relationship music-dance.

Im Offenen Studio stellen Berliner Performer Gruppen ihre kontinuierliche Zusammenarbeit zu Instant composition vor. Methodische Ansätze, spezifischer Fokus, künstlerische Strategien der Beteiligten werden in einer Mischung von Performance und praktischem Lab(or) für die Teilnehmer erfahrbar.

TN- Gebühr: 3 – 12 € sliding scale (du wählst)
Frei für Workshop Teilnehmer des Festivals

Termine:  jeweils 18:00 – 19:15 / Eden*****Studio 150.2


30.07.15 MusikTanzNulldreißig