©Mariangela Tinelli_Photography:Bruno Soares

Something might happen – Solo

Mariangela Tinelli (NL)

Mariangela Tinelli is a contemporary dancer who has worked with Het Hans Hof
Ensamble, Martin Butler, Inaari Salmivaara, Laura Moro and Jochen Stechman.
In the field of performance, video and time-based art she has been engaged in the
works of diverse artists such as Zhana Ivanova, Marielle Videler, Viktor Alimpiev,
Sarah van Lamsweerde, Blood for Roses, Andrew Fremont Smith and many others.
In her own solo works, she is interested in the art of movemnt in its imaginative, sensual and dramatic ability to communicate.

Eva Karczag, 2014© 2014 Christian Kipp

Vapour sketches

Ein Duett von und mit Eva Karczag (NL) und Bettina Neuhaus (NL)

A shared passion for the unfolding moment; the drive to let material emerge, and through the doing, discover its form; and a wish to delve below the surface and engage with layers of complexity in order to reveal embedded essence are some of the many themes that draw us into dialog.
Within our work process we play with image and sensation, often use text and sound, and let our curiosity pass through and transform our physical body through our dancing.
We search for the unexpected, aim to challenge and learn from each other, and hope to share with our audience our love of moving and our fascination with presence and present-ness.

Eva Karczag und Bettina Neuhaus sind 2015 Residentinenn des Improvisation Xchange Berlin, und entwickeln in dem kurzen Zeitrahmen des Festivals ein einzigartiges Duett, welches im Festivalprogramm Premiere feiert.

Workshop Karczag+Neuhaus: Do – So 30.07. – 02.8.2015, 10:30 – 13:30

Performances: Do 06.08. 2015, 20:00 h, Dock11 Theaterhalle

Im Rahmen des Festival Programmes von  Improvisation Xchange Berlin

Duett Karczag, Neuhaus, Solo Tinelli – 06.08.15