Catharine Cary – Writing the Future, Eating the Dust

05.08.-12:00h,Eden-studios©Catharine_Cary-at Ken_Okada

Painter and «la tagueuse élégante», Catharine Cary is known for her fulgurant gestural paintings and her elegant handwriting.  She performs the two regularly in front of an audience, using improvisation as the starting point and the ultimate explication. .  Her work has been featured in the offs of the FIAC, art basel/Miami, Art Chicago and the Venice Biennale. She shows in the US and Europe, and has diverse private and public clients, including Courrèges, the American Friends of the Musée d’Orsay and Ken Okada.

Catharine Cary works on the intrinsic conflict of beauty and fear.  In her research and her performance, she risks creating in front of a public in order cross the threshold between the two, understanding and transmitting the necessity to go to fear to get to beauty, and create inner self-confidence and wild abandon.   One always leads to the other and back again.  By iterative repetition, movement happens.

Catharine is member of:

Instant Pudding! powers instant composition and performance.  Based in Paris, with a European network, our goal is to impulse and ignite performers that we know, so we can share resources, build relationships and generate new projects.  Instant Pudding! is a trampoline, a path, a network and a gauge of perseverence. Instant pudding!

Performance: Mi 05.08. 2015, 12:00 Uhr (!!) , Eden*****Studios/ Garden

Eintritt: Spende/ Frei für WorkshopteilnehmerInnen von IXCB2015

Im Rahmen des Festival Programmes von Improvisation Xchange Berlin

Writing the Future, Eating the Dust©Catharine_Cary_2015
Catharine Cary – 05.08.15, 12:00